Hidden Facts to Take Care of When Choosing Web Host For Your Online Business

One of the first steps of a new entrepreneur is setting up his website and have it running smoothly. Besides website design the important question is which web hosting service to choose.Today there are many companies that offer web hosting. Type a “web hosting review” in Google and read reports and compare. Web hosting prices vary from free to about $10 per month, and I am referring to a normal starter hosting plans, not dedicated servers.You should think of many factors when choosing, and do your homework thoroughly here because this is something that my cause a lot of headache if not done properly.Here I want to draw your attention to two things that are usually not mentioned in the features list, which web hosting companies hide for a reason.The first hidden feature is support. When looking at the features list you will often see they offer 24 hours a day support, 7 days a week. This is nice. However, almost not a single one mentions here their response time. And response time is a time when you contact support until they actually answer. And that may vary from couple of minutes up to couple of days. Now imagine you site is down for whatever reason, hackers attack, which by the way happened to me, or you need any intervention at all. You most probably will run a paid advertising campaign of any kind. Now imagine having paid 5 hundred bucks for an advertising campaign that targets your website just to find that your website is down, nonfunctional! You contact support and they respond in 3 days. You could have thrown 5 hundred bucks down the drain, the results are the same. So, when compare services, CALL web hosting companies and ASK what is the response time of their support. Very important.Second hidden feature is the backup option. All providers will have a backup and restore feature listed. What they do not tell you is how often and how completely do they do backups of your site. Let me remind you that backups are very important. In the case of website malfunctioning, you can easily restore you last healthy website condition. Some hosts enable you to do this yourself, but take my word, you will forget that unless you are very tidy person. And that is why regular periodic backups that run automatically are of utmost importance. Imagine having spent thousands of dollars to a quality website. You may be sure sooner or later you will need a backup and you will be thankfull you do have it. Now, Some web host charge you separately for backup service, and some give it for free, once a week, which is ok. Some do the only partial backup and some do the backup of your complete site. Contact them and ask for clear info on that.Hope this information has been helpful. My name is Goran Sujansky, I am the system administrator for tntunited.biz and have 10 years experience in running online business. Itwas a privilege to share these tips with you. Let me invite you to our website tntunited.biz and subscribe for free on many online business tips and advices.