Online Business Marketing – How to Use Social Media For Branding

An important part of online business marketing is using social media so you’re seen everywhere. The day a customer needs you, you’re handy and familiar.How to Be Seen EverywhereCreate a profile for yourself at the big three: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Provide these sites with regular, helpful updates on you and your business with links to your good information. Make friends there. After you’ve established yourself there, created a Facebook fan page and joined groups, add your profile to more media sites.There are Three Aspects to Social MediaYou want consistent updates almost daily. For better response, make small contacts over the day in a trickle instead of a flood of tweets all at once. At least two times a week, spend an hour checking in with your sites, responding to any messages, interacting with and supporting other people. You can pre-schedule updates to come out over a few days.Social media means social–people meet, chat, learn about each other, make friends. People don’t mind news about your business when given in friendly, helpful snippets. Spend ten minutes online when you can so you interact with others in real time, versus using only pre-scheduled updates unrelated to anyone’s conversation.Provide tips people can use so you’re seen as a resource and an expert who cares about others, not just your bottom line. This helps foster invaluable word-of-mouth recommendations from your customers to their friends and contacts. Ask for their opinions.Consistent Look and Feel Helps Brand Your BusinessUse your same bio on all social media profiles, with a long, medium and short version you can use as needed. Use one photo of yourself when branding you, then use your photo or a logo when branding your business. If you have both a web site and a blog, use consistent colors people will associate with your business.Your Brand Is Your PromiseYour logo or tagline is not your brand, just a part of it. You’re not a huge company like Pepsi with huge ad campaigns. Just the same, your brand tells people what you offer and will deliver when they connect with you.Be a Giver and a HelperGive your followers opportunities to buy about once every ten or twenty tweets so you’re seen as a person, not a soulless business machine. Use social media for your online business marketing wisely and well for best results.