How To Automate Your Online Business

Automation makes running any online business a total breeze.
More importantly, only by automating your whole online
business will you achieve the freedom and lifestyle that
makes Internet Marketing so attractive to millions
of people worldwide.The Internet is tailor made for automation. It can retrieve,
process and transmit data at a lightning speed. It can keep
track of billions of pieces of information on a single server.
In reality, the whole system is one giant automated machine
run by countless servers and an ever decreasing number of wires
as the web goes wireless.And then there is the computer — your main business automation
tool. The computer is the perfect automation tool. It can handle
incoming data, process files, and dispense information all
within the blink of an eye. Computers are the real workhorses
of our modern age — they do most of the work for us. They are
so important, running any competitive online or off-line
business now without a computer would be hard to imagine,
not to mention foolhardy.Combine these two key elements with automated marketing
software and running any business on automation will indeed
seem like a total breeze. It all comes down to numbers, with
the Internet and computers, you can handle, sell and process a
million units as easy as you can handle ten units.Computers and the web make these large numbers possible.
They make marketing online not only viable but also very
lucrative. Whole automated marketing systems can be put
into place, bringing in revenue automatically. Virtual auto
income machines can be created.Let’s look closely at some examples and discover what you need
in order to put these automated marketing systems to work for
you.Let’s say you have a digital information product that you wish
to sell online. Your automated marketing system will probably
start with the acquisition of a domain name []
and construction of an online website where customers
can purchase and download your product.Designing your own site and sales letter will take some work
and you must know what you’re doing or all the automation in
the world will be pointless because if your online site doesn’t
convert traffic into sales, it’s game over. Your site or online
business MUST convert your visitors into paying customers.Many marketers hire or get someone else to design their profit
generating sites for them. You may have to pay highly for a good
professional quality site and high quality sales copy but it is
the key to the success of your whole marketing operation.A well optimized website will pull in free targeted traffic from
the different search engines automatically. A high quality sales
letter or copy will then convert this traffic into sales and income
automatically. To increase sales many marketers buy their traffic
from Pay-Per-Click advertising such as those services offered by
Google AdWords or Yahoo’s Overture.Once you have targeted traffic hitting your website… all
your marketing procedures can be automated. In most cases,
with simple software programs that will run your online business
on auto-pilot.Most professional marketers capture the contact information
of their visitors. They follow up with the grand daddy of all
automated systems — the autoresponder. Studies have consistently
shown, it usually takes from 6 to 7 follow-up emails before a
customer buys your product. The autoresponder is one automated
tool you must use with your online business.Many marketers offer ecourses or free newsletters as a way of
automatically keeping in touch with customers or potential
customers. An autoresponder can draw visitors back to your
site and marketing page again and again, to hear your sales
pitch. It is the vital element in your automated marketing
system.Automation of your whole checkout system can be done with
programs like ClickBank, PayPal or 1ShoppingCart… these
automated checkout systems will take your customers through
the checkout process and can deliver digital products or
software downloads immediately.Here Are Some Automation Tips:* Use autoresponders for follow-ups and building contact lists* Use automated checkout systems like ClickBank or 1ShoppingCart* Use simple online videos to explain complex tasks or products* Use Google Sitemaps to automatically index and update your pages* Use organic SEO tactics like keyword rich articles to get traffic* Use RSS feeds to automatically syndicate your content and articles* Use RSS feeds to automatically build content and webpages* Use datafeeds to automatically update your products or content* Use audio testimonials to warm up visitors (the net is a cold place)* Use a well defined Frequently Asked Questions page or pages* Use Paypal or a similar system for paying your online business bills(hosting, advertising, promotions) and for receiving payments/commissions- this way you can be away from your business for long periodsof time and everything will still run smoothly, on auto-pilotOnce all these elements have been put into place: your
targeted traffic, your website with sales page and checkout
cart, your autoresponders with follow-up messages, your delivery of
purchased products, and a payment system to pay your bills/receive
your commissions or payments… you will have constructed
an automated system that will deliver sales and income 24/7/365.
There are countless websites and businesses on the web doing
exactly that — automatically running and earning money for
their owners.Another popular online business model uses affiliate programs
and advertising such as Google AdSense as their main sources
of income, instead of offering products for sale.These automated marketing systems are set up in the same way.
Only no actually selling is done on the site… these sites
pre-sell by giving away valuable information, product reviews,
or comparison shopping tips to their visitors. Then and only
then are potential customers sent to affiliate sites to make
their purchases. With the affiliate (site owner) getting a
percentage of the selling price for having referred the customer
or client. Some great third party affiliate programs are Commission
Junction, LinkShare, Shareasale, and Amazon.This automated affiliate/advertising website business offers the
most freedom and the least headaches. It is an ideal automated
business system that if done right can be extremely lucrative for
those who put these automated marketing systems into place.It can be pure perfection where automation meets the Internet,
computers and the marketing process. It can be a marvel to behold
and a complete joy to experience in action. For those savvy
marketers who have perfected this system it spells only one
thing — freedom. And a whole lot of it!

Hidden Facts to Take Care of When Choosing Web Host For Your Online Business

One of the first steps of a new entrepreneur is setting up his website and have it running smoothly. Besides website design the important question is which web hosting service to choose.Today there are many companies that offer web hosting. Type a “web hosting review” in Google and read reports and compare. Web hosting prices vary from free to about $10 per month, and I am referring to a normal starter hosting plans, not dedicated servers.You should think of many factors when choosing, and do your homework thoroughly here because this is something that my cause a lot of headache if not done properly.Here I want to draw your attention to two things that are usually not mentioned in the features list, which web hosting companies hide for a reason.The first hidden feature is support. When looking at the features list you will often see they offer 24 hours a day support, 7 days a week. This is nice. However, almost not a single one mentions here their response time. And response time is a time when you contact support until they actually answer. And that may vary from couple of minutes up to couple of days. Now imagine you site is down for whatever reason, hackers attack, which by the way happened to me, or you need any intervention at all. You most probably will run a paid advertising campaign of any kind. Now imagine having paid 5 hundred bucks for an advertising campaign that targets your website just to find that your website is down, nonfunctional! You contact support and they respond in 3 days. You could have thrown 5 hundred bucks down the drain, the results are the same. So, when compare services, CALL web hosting companies and ASK what is the response time of their support. Very important.Second hidden feature is the backup option. All providers will have a backup and restore feature listed. What they do not tell you is how often and how completely do they do backups of your site. Let me remind you that backups are very important. In the case of website malfunctioning, you can easily restore you last healthy website condition. Some hosts enable you to do this yourself, but take my word, you will forget that unless you are very tidy person. And that is why regular periodic backups that run automatically are of utmost importance. Imagine having spent thousands of dollars to a quality website. You may be sure sooner or later you will need a backup and you will be thankfull you do have it. Now, Some web host charge you separately for backup service, and some give it for free, once a week, which is ok. Some do the only partial backup and some do the backup of your complete site. Contact them and ask for clear info on that.Hope this information has been helpful. My name is Goran Sujansky, I am the system administrator for and have 10 years experience in running online business. Itwas a privilege to share these tips with you. Let me invite you to our website and subscribe for free on many online business tips and advices.